Make up
Skin Care

Patented Water Soothing Technology:
When applied to the skin, the powder instantly transforms into water soothing molecules, and gives the skin a brand new experience! Different than the common powder, the patented water soothing technology wraps up to 60% moisture within the powder. When applied to the skin, this powder doubles the moisturizing effect, and helps to keep your makeup in shape.
Pore treatment:
The fine particles can effectively control skin oil. The water soothing feeling instantly tightens the skin and pores, giving you a perfect, crystal clear makeup.
High moisturizing:
The vitamin B5 and lecithin ingredients maintain the skin’s elasticity and gloss, providing a highly effective moisturizing performance.
Whitening & Anti-aging:
The well-known AA2G whitening ingredient can effectively restrain the accumulation of dark pigments, giving your skin a rosy-white outlook. The natural tea leaf extracts are effective against oxidation, and enhances skin protection against environmental damages.
Brilliant gloss:
The ultra fine powders embellish small winkles, pores and imperfections; where the brightening particles allow your skin to bring out a shining gloss from every angle!

Basic preservation→Double White O2 Water Gel Cream (or L’EGERE BB cream) →Magic Water cool Aqua powder (apply a suitable amount onto the powder puff, first adjust the amount on the back of your hands and gently apply to the face), to create a perfect, long lasting makeup base.

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